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This started as a crazy challenge, a good friend of the family had a spare OIF bonnie frame without a home, he gave it to us with the view of making a new bike out of it, so we spent a while trying to find an engine and parts to make it real...let the build begin : )

we eventually found a good bonnie engine in the states and had it shipped to the UK, it had alraedy been fitted with electronic igntion, we had no carbs, so a set was duly ordered along with new foam filters and a jet kit

Turning back to the chassis, we worked out that we wanted a street scrambler sort of look to it , we wanted USD forks

we had already worked out that a 180 tyre was never gonna fit, so we looked at the modern 125's for wheels, we needed a 130/140 section rear to have any chance of a decent chainline without to much aggro, a trip to Fowlers had us looking at YZFR125 wheels as we liked the design and the size was about right, so wheels were bought, we looked at the overall design and wanted to pull the wheel back abit to give a longer wheelbase (approx 50mm) so we set about milling some new axle mounts and welded in the new mounts to allow us to use the 15mm rear axle from the 125, new chain adjusters were milled along with all the spacers to set the wheel line, but...the chain was still approx 5mm out, so we removed the chainhub and milled the 5mm from the faces, then a one off talon sprocket was made at 45T and fitted to the wheel, job was done
so...the front end, we looked for suitable front ends and wanted a fork with small caliper spacing, std 50/54 dias, not to bothered about adjustability and tbh anything was better than the horrible stock forks, we looked at loads and settled on a set of Ducati monster forks, they will be rebuilt later and the tubes anodised, but for now we needed a set of yokes to fit them, so i set about designing some new yokes in an older style

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