With the sensor fitted, you can now line up the tidy with the fitting holes in the subframe, reuse the std bolts with the M8 nyloc nuts and washers in the kit, try to sit the tidy level, you may need to adjust the position slightly so dont tighten the bolts fully till you check the fit ment if the rear light surround
With the Surround in position you can carefully attach the M5 screw and 25mm penny washer that secures the tail light surround via the moulded fork on the surround
You will need to connect the std numberplate light wiring to the D3 LED bulb assy, this is straightforward, simply cut the yellow and black wires about 2 " down from the black std connector, now strip the wires about 10mm long, and double over the wires as it gives the terminals more grip
fit the female plastic shrouds first, the crimp on the female connectors, and pull the covers over the terminals, attach the D3 RED to YELLOW on loom, and BLACK to BLACK...turn the ign on and check the plate light before you return to the road
Refit the body work and seat
The plate/indicator mount is adjustable so please ensure clearance at the cans, before you fit the numberplate
Check operation of ALL lights before you return to the road, and ensure all fixings are tight
If you have any problems you can MAIL or CALL me 07749702016