Project bikes are the fun part of D3/Tripletek , at present we have 4 bikes we are working on, they are all different , but not all will be shown here, as we have to go with our customers interests, over the winter i will update these pages and you can pop in and see what we are up to

My own bikes are a Street triple 2007 and my eternal cb600 hornet, i have been playing with both since we got them, as a serial modder, we can never leave alone
they are constantly being updated as and when we get 5 mins spare, dont expect updates daily on this stuff but as and when

For the last year we have also been working on a Bonneville project, this started with just a 1976 oil in frame frame that was donated with challenge of making something different with it, it taken a year or more now to source and engine, wheels, forks and the parts to get started, but its well underway now.....